Extraordinary change starts from the community up. The Healthy Native Communities Fellowship (HNCF) engages a diverse cross-section of emerging leaders through collaborative learning grounded in Native spiritual and cultural perspectives. Since 2005, HNCF has brought together more than 300 Fellows in 110 teams across the nation. 

There is a critical need for innovative solutions to pressing social and health concerns impacting Native communities. HNCF knows that local change agents, with deep passion and wisdom about their communities, are the most powerful catalysts for sustaining wellness.

With skills learned during the four, one-week, retreats, Fellows build dynamic bridges between their work and multiple stakeholders.

HNCF Faculty: Faculty with significant and diverse experience in community change work.

HNCF Curriculum:  The Fellowship Curriculum  merges researched tools and methods with Native models, based on the Four Directions.

HNCF Teams: Diverse Fellowship Teams work together and offer mentorship and rich perspectives.

HNCF Fellow Learning Space: Teams actively share skills, knowledge, and perspectives with their home community group.

HNCF Workstations and Coaching: Coaching from staff during and after the Fellowship is coupled with mentoring from current and Alumni Fellows through Internet workstations.

  1. What makes the Healthy Native Communities Fellowship Work?

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Ade’li-The Watchman (Anchorage, AK)

Kenneth West III, Administrative Support, Southcentral Foundation, Cheyenne River Sioux

John Shultz, Advocate, Southcentral Foundation, Aleut

Christopher Klabunde, Research Coordinator, Southcentral Foundation, Athabascan

Alaska Alive (Anchorage, AK)

Oxcenia O’Domain, Environmental Program Associate, Alaska Native Tribe Health Consortium, Unga

Melany Cueva, Adult Education Research Specialist, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Caucasian

Hemish Three (Jemez Pueblo, NM)

Rose Shendo, Intergenerational Activities Coordinator, Jemez Pueblo Senior Citizens Program, Jemez Pueblo

Anita Cajero, Community Resource Center Coordinator, Jemez Pueblo Senior Citizens Program, Jemez Pueblo

David Gachupin, Transportation Support Coordinator, Jemez Pueblo Senior Citizens Program, Jemez Pueblo

Native Health Initiative (Acoma Pueblo, NM)

Shannon Fleg, Co-Coordinator, Native Health Initiative, Dine’

Paula Garcia, Coordinator, Native Health Initiative, Dine’/Acoma Pueblo

Elaine Shutive, Coordinator, Native Health Initiative, Acoma Pueblo

Northern Cheyenne-Honor Your Life (Lame Deer, MT)

Janis Spear, Transportation Director, Northern Cheyenne Tribe, Northern Cheyenne

Janelle Timber-Jones, Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Northern Cheyenne Community Health Program, Northern Cheyenne

Quartz Valley (Fort Jones, CA)

Delia Super, Medical Assistant, Anav Tribal Health Clinic, Karuk

Kyle Nelson, Program Manager, Anav Tribal Helath, Karuk

Freida Bennett, Education Director, Quartz Valley Indian Reservation, Karuk

Shiprock Roadrunners (Shiprock, NM)

Jeff Holtsoi, Recreation Specialist, Navajo Nation Office of Youth Development, Dine’

Wetona Becenti, Program Supervisor III, Navajo Nation Office of Youth Development, Dine’

Sonway (Kykotsmovi, AZ)

Laurel Sekakuku, Program Coordinator, The Hopi Foundation, Hopi

Joyce Hamilton, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Administrator, Hopi Tribe, Hopi

Beatrice Norton, Community Health Services Administrator, Hopi Tribe, Hopi

WAIT-Walatowa Action Intervention Team (Jemez Pueblo, NM)

Anita Toya, Diabetes Community Liaison, Jemez Health & Human Services, Jemez

Valerie Pecos, Health Education Specialist, Pueblo of Jemez, Jemez

Vernon Tosa, Health Advocate, Pueblo of Jemez, Jemez

Wellness Warriors (Pendleton, OR)

Jennifer Campell, Chronic Disease Prevention Health Promotion Coordinator, Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center,

Sarah Frank, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator, Yellowhawk Tribal HealthCenter, Confederate Tribes of Warm Springs

Jonathan Picard, Community Health Program Manager, Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center, Confederate Tribes of Warm Springs-Walla Walla

2012 Healthy Native Communities Fellowship Teams