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Healthy Native Communities Partnership Inc. (HNCP) is a non-profit organization that supports capacity building, leadership development, partnership, and networking so that Native communities realize their own vision of wellness.

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HEALTHY NATIVE COMMUNITIES FELLOWSHIP develops and supports teams of change agents to lead creative wellness strategies in Native communities.  Native Teams from across the country gather for intensive learning that is hands-on, collaborative and grounded in Native cultural and spiritual teachings. 

JUST MOVE IT is a North American campaign successfully engaging Indigenous communities in promoting physical activity. More than 420 Just Move It partner programs from across the US and Canada have already joined this movement. They share their experiences and creative solutions at

NATIVE WELLNESS RESOURCE NETWORK supports Tribes and Native Communities to share best and promising practices for wellness. Local Wellness Champion Forums connect people to share ‘what works’ for wellness in Native communities


Native communities amplify their unique voices for wellness through  digital storytelling, social marketing, media advocacy, and health literacy.

The problem is big ...Today, the more than 4.1 million American Indians and Alaska Natives, representing over 566 Tribes, are suffering the worst health status of any group in America. Native people are impacted largely from preventable illnesses, at much higher rates and at much younger ages than the rest of the U.S. population

The leaders we need are already here - the wisdom we need is already present in our communities ... When it comes to doing something about disparities in health, investing in our communities to generate change works. People in local communities have the passion, tradition and commitment needed to take the first and most powerful steps toward wellness. With a strong network and effective tools, they can mobilize powerful practices that are right for their communities.

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Meet People who are changing the world!

It is Time to Come Together

Join the Partners at HNCP’s National Gathering November 11, 12, and 13 in San Diego, California

All across North America, more than 2000 Healthy Native Communities Partners are working to create a healthy future for the next generations of our Indigenous Nations

It is time to join together with the other Healthy Native Communities Partners who are promoting physical activity through Just Move It, creating and sharing powerful Digital Stories, engaging their communities as alumni of the Healthy Native Communities Fellowship, and creating regional wellness networks.

This November we will bring hundreds of these amazing people together:

  1. to learn from each other and share what is working to bring change to your communities

  2. to support each other by sharing questions and challenges

  3. to create a movement for wellness rooted in the traditions, culture, and wisdom of indigenous communities

  4. to connect with others who are working for wellness in your area

  5. to pick up some new practical tools for community engagement and strengthen those you already have

Join us November 11, 12, and 13 at the Bahia Hotel in sunny San Diego, California

Registration is now Open!

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