With over 57,000 participants and more than 420 partners since 2003, Just Move It (JMI) is the HNCP North American campaign leading the path to promote physical activity for Indigenous communities in the US and Canada. JMI successfully engages communities toward an ambitious goal: to get 1 million Indigenous People moving.

Preventable chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, are hitting our populations at staggering rates. By expanding physical activity as part of a community lifestyle, a foundation of wellness can be strengthened to fight this trend.

Most physical activity campaigns motivate individuals and their choices. JMI’s innovative model builds a greater momentum by tapping into the strength of entire communities as partners. JMI Partners are boldly turning obstacles to opportunities by creating local programs, designing access, resources, classes and events to reach all people for change.

JMI Partners access a strong network of resources and support from the campaign website justmoveit.org.

Visit justmoveit.org to see how Indigenous groups are already sparking success and how to join the hundreds of sparks across North America to promote physical activity.

Just Move It welcomes First Nations and Inuit Partners at Canada Launch

Indigenous Canadian community programs promoting physical activity were officially welcomed as Just Move It partners in a JMI Canada launch event March 19 at the Odawa Friendship Center, Ottawa Ontario. The Assembly of First Nations and Inuit Taparit Kanatami joined with HNCP in a partnership agreement to support these programs to share what they are learning with others on both sides of the border using the Just Move It website. Leaders of all three organizations shared their visions for the future.

“Healthy communities are thriving communities, and Just Move It will help showcase existing and new community-based initiatives toward achieving health and wellness among our peoples,” said AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo.  “Just Move It is much more than an online tool. It is part of a national movement and growing momentum among Indigenous peoples to work together to maintain healthy, active lifestyles as a key component to our progress and success. This work will also supplement ongoing partnership opportunities through the IndigenACTION movement.”

“Whether it’s -50 degrees in our beautiful winter or +20 in summer I encourage Inuit to go outside, enjoy nature, and ‘Just Move it’ by engaging in traditional Inuit activities, recreational sports leagues, or going to the community centre,” said National Inuit Leader Mary Simon President of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. “There are plenty of ways to stay fit based on our traditional and modern activities. Let's all get fit and stay fit.”

“We are really excited to see Just Move It expand to include First Nations and Inuit communities from Canada”, said David Reede, HNCP Executive Director, “ Indigenous communities are stronger when we share our wisdom and learnings about what is working for wellness.“

Community fitness and wellness champions from across the country are gathered in Ottawa march 19 and 20 for a two-day workshop, where they shared experiences and helped shape the future of Just Move It in Canada.  Workshop participants discussed creative ways to promote success stories through digital storytelling and developed strategies to engage community members to become and stay active. 

David Reede - Executive Director HNCP, AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo, and Udloriak Hansen, ITK Executive Director at JMI Canada Launch Event


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